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R&B Icehole Lager

VANCOUVER, BC – Love Good Beer, a beer blog based in Vancouver, reports that R&B Brewing are set to release a new brew called Icehole Lager as a tongue-in-cheek response to comments made last November by comedian Stephen Colbert:

You may recall the controversy created by Canada’s decision to restrict access to Olympic venues for foreign athletes. You may also recall Stephen Colbert’s reaction to the decision. If you don’t, read up on how he called us a bunch of “Canadian Iceholes” here. […] R&B Brewing, in direct response to Colbert’s comments, has brewed a new beer called Icehole Lager. I’ve also heard that R&B are sending Colbert a few cases and that he’s been invited to suck on an Icehole. I suspect that Colbert may even mention the beer on his show. In my opinion, this is brilliant non-Olympic Olympic marketing by R&B. Well played sirs.

There’s been no official word from R&B on when Icehole Lager will be released, but it will likely be later this month in order to capitalize on the Olympics.


Granville Island Chocolate Stout

VANCOUVER, BCGranville Island Brewery is about to release Granville Island Chocolate Stout, a new seasonal release brewed using chocolate from Rogers’ Chocolates, one of Canada’s oldest chocolate makers:

Our Chocolate Stout is rich and warming. A perfect complement to Vancouver’s cold winter nights. It is brewed with 4 different malts. Hops from the Pacific Northwest and organic, fairtrade chocolate from Rogers’ Chocolates. This beer’s dark chocolate colouring and aromas of roast malt, cocoa and coffee flavours are accompanied by dried fruit and a mellow bitterness.

Granville Island Chocolate Stout will be available in select LDB stores and in the Granville Island retail store.

Wild Rose Imperial IPA Returning for 2010

CALGARY, ABWild Rose Brewery is bringing back the seasonal Imperial IPA for another year. The new batch will be released on Friday, February 5th with the tapping of a cask at the brewery’s weekly “Wild Fridays” event, starting at 4:00 PM in the Wild Rose Taproom.

Here are the notes provided by the brewery:

Wild Rose Brewery’s Imperial India Pale Ale (IIPA) is created in the traditional Double IPA style, but with a unique Albertan twist.

Extremely hoppy with floral notes of pine and citrus, our Imperial IPA expertly blends Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops with the finest Alberta two-row barley and crystal malts.

Described as an India Pale Ale “on steroids,” Double IPAs are robust and malty with a higher alcohol and a very intense hop flavour.

Garrison To Release Black IPA, Bringing Back Ol’ Fog Burner & Sugar Moon Maple

HALIFAX, NSGarrison Brewing have announced that the newest addition to their line-up of rotating seasonals will be Garrison Black IPA.

Inspired by similar beers that have become popular in San Diego and other American craft beer hotbeds, Black IPA will be a blended beer (presumably a combination of their Imperial IPA and Martello Stout, although this has not been confirmed) that has been dry-hopped and conditioned for a further 2 weeks. The resulting brew is 6.2%, and will be bottled and released for sale on January 29th.

Garrison will also be bringing back two popular seasonals, Ol’ Fog Burner Barley Wine and Sugar Moon Maple, for another year. Originally released last April, the new batches will be available on February 17th and March 15th respectively.

Howe Sound Three Beavers Imperial Red Ale

SQUAMISH, BCHowe Sound Brewing has just released their newest seasonal beer, Three Beavers Imperial Red Ale.

The beer features a label and advertising that pictures three beavers wearing gold, silver and bronze medals, suggesting a connection to the upcoming Winter Olympics. However, brewery co-owner Leslie Fenn told the Vancouver Sun that in order to not violate the rules regarding marketing related to the Olympics, the image is intended to represent the gold, silver and bronze medals that Howe Sound won at the North American Brewers Association awards in 2007 and 2009.

Three Beavers is brewed to 7.5% abv with 45 IBUs, and is described as “a strong malty ale” that “goes well with meat, game, stews and hearty dinner favourites.”

Great Lakes Coastal Becomes Canuck

TORONTO, ONGreat Lakes Brewery have announced that their previously planned Coastal Pale Ale will now be released as Canuck Pale Ale.

A west coast style pale ale, Canuck will soon be available on tap at several bars in Toronto and area, with a limited number of 650 ml bottles to follow in early February. The bottles will be available in at selected LCBO outlets as well as at the brewery store.

Canuck Pale Ale will also be served alongside an assortment of other Ontario craft brews in the Ontario Pavilion at next month’s Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Hockley Valley Black & Tan

ORANGEVILLE, ONHockley Valley Brewing are preparing their newest beer, Hockley Black & Tan, for release later this winter.

A blend of Hockley Stout as the “Black” and a newly created ale serving as the “Tan”, Hockley Black & Tan is described as “dark mahogany in colour, with notes of coffee, smoke and chocolate and hints of sweet grainy malt yet finishes crisp, light and dry.”

As with other Hockley Valley beers, the Black & Tan will be available in cans via the LCBO and at the brewery.

Phillips Coffee Stout

VICTORIA, BCPhillips Brewing is bringing back one of their early beers, Phillips Coffee Stout, as the newest rotating fourth beer in their Showcase mixed pack, a case of 12 that also includes three bottles each of their Blue Buck Ale, Phoenix Gold Lager and Slipstream Cream Ale brands.

According to the brewery, “the revived coffee stout uses a blend of locally roasted beans (supplied by 2% Jazz Coffee) that have been added to the brew at a couple of stages yielding an incredible coffee aroma and smooth taste.”

Samples of Phillips Coffee Stout will be offered at the brewery next Tuesday, January 26th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and the Showcase package featuring the beer will be in retail outlets in BC soon.

CAMRA Vancouver Announces 2010 Awards & Vancouver Craft Beer Week

VANCOUVER, BC – The Vancouver chapter of the Campaign for Real Ale British Columbia (CAMRA BC) announced the results of its annual members poll this past week, recognizing excellence in brewing and beer service in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Categories awarded include Best Local Brewpub, Best Local Beer Event, Best BC Brewery, and recognizing the increasing popularity of cask-conditioned ale, this year saw the addition of Best Local Cask Night as a new category. A full list of winners appears after the jump below.

In addition, it was announced that the first annual Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) festival will take place May 10-16, 2010. Further details will be revealed soon on the VCBW website.

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Minhas Creek Warned By AGCO Over Boxer Lager

TORONTO, ONMinhas Creek Brewing have been warned by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) that an advertisement (pictured right) for Boxer Lager, a discount brand they launched in Ontario last November, contravenes a regulation that disallows ads that associate “consumption of liquor with … any other activity that requires care and skill or has elements of danger.” This warning reportedly followed a complaint lodged with the AGCO over the ad, although it hasn’t been disclosed who made the complaint.

In a press release regarding the warning, Minhas Creek states that the AGCO also raised an objection to the name of the beer, since “Ontario’s regulations prohibit selling or advertising a beer in association with a sport.” The release also notes that Boxer has been available in Western Canada since 2007 with no issue, and states that there appears to be a double standard at play, since “almost every beer brand in Canada …  is associated with all types of sports – from hockey to football to Olympics to Ultimate Fighting.”

While Minhas Creek owners Manjit and Ravinder Minhas have contacted their lawyer about the issue, it’s unclear at this point what further action, if any, the AGCO will be taking. The press release makes numerous references to the AGCO’s “objection” to the name and advertising, but there’s no direct indication that Minhas Creek have been ordered to change the name of the beer or remove it from the Ontario market.