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Phillips Blackberry HeiferBison

phillips_logoVICTORIA, BC – Phillips Brewing have just released another seasonal beer, the intriguingly named Blackberry HeferBison, which they describe as follows:

What? You’ve never seen a Blackberry HeiferBison before? This rare creature can be a little shy at the beginning, but once you get to know them, their charms are undeniable. Sweet blackberry hints mingle with the wheatiness of a refreshing hefeweizen. Do yourself a favour and pour the HeiferBison into a glass, because the colour needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Blackberry HeiferBison is available in 650 ml bottles at the brewery and in select beer and wine stores in BC.


Nelson Brewing Launches New Beer & Holds Naming Contest

nelson_logoNELSON, BC – The Nelson Star reports that the Nelson Brewing Company has recently launched a new beer, and is asking the public to help come up with a name for it.

The beer is a hemp cream ale that was “created in the style of a German Kolsch, fermented at low temperatures for several weeks longer than average beers.”

A trial batch of 32 kegs has been produced, which will be available exclusively at Mike’s Place in the Hume Hotel, where customers will be asked to suggest a name for the brew. The winning name will be announced on October 9th, and the person who suggested it will win a Whitewater ski pass.

Canadian Brewing Awards 2009 Results

cbaTORONTO, ON – At a ceremony in downtown Toronto last night, the winners of the Canadian Brewing Awards for 2009 were announced and handed out to the deserving winners.

This year for the first time, the judging of the awards was registered by the Beer Judge Certification Program, and all judges were BJCP certified.

For those who missed CBN’s live tweeting of the event, the full awards results appear after the jump (courtesy of Great Canadian Pubs & Beer):

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Tree Brewing Black Tree Dark Ale to Benefit B.C. Fire ReLeaf

tree_logoKELOWNA, BCTree Brewing are set to release Black Tree Dark Ale, a beer to benefit B.C. Fire ReLeaf, a program of the non-profit group Tree Canada to help replace forests throughout British Columbia that were destroyed during the wildfires over the summer.

“As a locally-owned and active member of the Okanagan community, Tree Brewing is committed to helping to replace trees in local parks and forests,” said Tod Melnyk, Tree Brewing President. “We have created Black Tree specifically to support this initiative, and hope to be able to recruit other members of the community to join us in redeveloping this beautiful region.”

Black Tree Dark Ale is available now at the brewery, and will be in B.C. liquor stores by mid-October. A donation will be made to Tree Canada for every bottle purchased.

Alley Kat Pumpkin Pi Spiced Ale

alleykat_pumpkinpiEDMONTON, AB Alley Kat Brewing have released the third annual edition of their fall seasonal beer, Pumpkin Pi Spiced Ale. In previous years it was sold exclusively at Sherbrooke Liquor under the store brand, but this year it’s branded as an Alley Kat beer.

Mark Suits, beer writer for the Edmonton Journal, describes it as having an aroma “well spiced with cloves and cinnamon”, and a “sweet and spicy” flavour with “a definite pumpkin pie flavour”.

Hart & Thistle Cocoa Hops India Brown Ale

hartandthistle_logoHALIFAX, NS – Greg Nash, brewmaster at the Hart & Thistle brewpub in Halifax, recently announced on his blog that his newest beer, Cocoa Hops India Brown Ale, is now on tap at the pub:

It’s tasting nice with a huge hop presence and a nice malt backbone sporting notes of chocolate that really shine through from the hefty dose of dark chocolate malt. Come on down and try it on for size.

Vital Stats:
Gravity – 15P/1.062
IBU’s – 73
Hop Rate – 3.15 lbs/bbl
ABV – 6.2%
Colour – 22 SRM
Malts – Pale Ale, Melanoidan, Crystal 60, Cara-Pils, Chocolate
Hops – Amarillo & Cascade Leaf, Simcoe Pellets

Big Rock Brewmaster’s Selection Now Available

bigrock_logoCALGARY, ABBig Rock Brewery have released a seasonal mixed pack for fall called Big Rock Brewmaster’s Selection.

The 12-pack includes three bottles each of Big Rock Traditional Ale, Grasshopper Wheat Ale, Warthog Brown Ale and XO Lager.

The Big Rock Brewmaster’s Selection is available in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario for a limited time.

Railway City Dead Elephant Ale

railwaycity_logoST. THOMAS, ONRailway City Brewing have just released their first seasonal beer, Dead Elephant Ale.

Named in honour of Jumbo, the world famous elephant that was killed on September 15, 1885 by a freight train, the beer is described by the brewery as follows:

A full bodied golden Pale Ale which presents with a linen white medium density head. On the palate there are slight grassy notes which fall away to reveal a hint of biscuit with rather pleasant grapefruit and perfume undertones. To the nose there is a mild malt aroma which accentuates the robust floral bouquet which is derived from the hops.
IBUs 46.6
ABV 7.1%

Dead Elephant Ale is available in 1.9 litre growlers at the brewery, and will also be available on tap at Bar Volo and C’est What in Toronto, and the Winking Judge in Hamilton.

Collaborative Beers Coming From Great Lakes, Cameron’s and Church-Key


TORONTO/OAKVILLE/CAMBELLFORD, ONGreat Lakes Brewery (Toronto), Cameron’s Brewing (Oakville) and Church-Key Brewery (Campbellford) have announced that they will be working together on a pair of collaborative brews.

Crafted by John Bowden of Great Lakes, Jon Graham of Cameron’s, and John Graham of Church-Key, the first of the beers will be a fresh hop pale ale that will be available at the next Great Lakes Project X night on October 8th, and the next Cameron’s Cask Night on October 29th.

The second beer will be Triple J Barley Wine, set to be released in the spring.

Molson-Coors Suing Labatt Over Kokanee Advertising


Several media outlets including The Globe & Mail and Marketing Magazine are reporting that Molson Coors Canada has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Labatt Breweries over the newest campaign for their regional Kokanee brand.

The suit claims that the mountain imagery being used in the Kokanee logo too closely resembles the mountain logo that has long been used to market the Coors Light brand. It’s reported that Molson Coors is demanding that Labatt stop using the logo immediately, and is requesting damages of $10 million.

For their part, AB-InBev owned Labatt is denying any wrongdoing, with Jamie Humphries, director of local premium brands at Labatt, suggesting that this is a case of Molson Coors trying to bully a smaller regional brand.

Ironically, Labatt currently has a similar lawsuit pending against the smaller Brick Brewery, claiming that Brick’s Red Baron Lime infringes the trademark’s of their own Bud Light Lime, although the terms of that suit have apparently been scaled back, leading to speculation that it may be dropped altogether.

(Photo: The Globe & Mail)