Mill Street Seasonal Sampler

millstreet_logoTORONTO, ONMill Street Brewery is set to become the only craft brewery in Ontario to offer a mixed 6-pack with the upcoming release of their Seasonal Sampler.

The package will be available at the LCBO starting in May, and will include 341 ml bottles of Mill Street’s five regular bottled products – Organic Lager, Tankhouse Ale, Coffee Porter, Stock Ale and Belgian Wit – plus their Pilsner, a reformulated version of a beer previously available only on draught at the Mill Street Brewpub.

This version of the Sampler will be available through the summer, and in the fall, the Pilsner will be swapped for another beer more suited to the cooler weather.

[via: Great Canadian Pubs & Beer]


4 responses to “Mill Street Seasonal Sampler

  1. Thanks for the info. Any other Canadian organic brewers out there that you have tried? I’ve heard of a few, but am not as familiar as those that are U.S. based.


  2. Jon – Off the top of my head, breweries doing organic beers in Ontario include Beau’s, Lakes of Muskoka, Nickel Brook, MacLean’s Ales and Scotch-Irish. You can find listings for all of them on the Ontario Craft Brewers website –

    I’m a bit less familiar with what’s going on in other provinces with organic brewing. The only ones that comes to mind right away are the Natureland beers from Pacific Western in BC – – but I’m sure there are more out there.

  3. Thanks, Greg! I will definitely check those out.


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