Yukon Brewing To Brew In England

yukon_logoWHITEHORSE, YK – Alan Hansen, the head brewer at Yukon Brewing, has been invited to England in March to brew a special batch of Yukon’s Lead Dog Ale for the JDW Beer Festival. He will be joining other master brewers who have been invited from New Zealand, Finland, and the US, and is first Canadian brewer to be selected to brew beer for the festival.

The JDW Beer Festival will take place for 18 days in April at J.D. Wetherspoon pubs throughout the UK, with over 3 million pints of beer expected to be consumed over the course of the festival. All beers featured in the festival will be real ales, served from casks in their unpasturised and unfiltered form. According to the brewery, Lead Dog Ale was selected since it is perceived as a beer that will make an excellent real ale.


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